Tracing our roots back to 1796

Founded by Thomas Mayo and Thomas Pearse in 1796, Peachey & Co LLP is one of the oldest partnerships in London and has always been based near the Royal Courts of Justice. In our over 225 years of existence, there have only been 22 partners.

Until the 1970s the firm was a traditional family-based law firm, providing all-round legal advice. When international law became popular in the 1970s, we evolved into a City-based, mainly commercial law practice with a renewed focus on international partnerships.

Peachey & Co LLP joined JCA International in 1996 as the 7th member and are still the only UK member. Now there is JCA representation not only throughout Europe but in many countries around the world.

From a family-run foundation, we have remained true to our core principles – integrity, reliability and quality – united with all the best of modern business methods and legal innovation.

Our Timeline

Peachey & Co was formed.

The solicitors’ partnership of Peachey & Co was formed in 1796 by Thomas Pearse and Thomas Mayo.

James Peachey appointed partner.

He served for (a mere) 45 years and whose picture is still in our library.

Alfred Peachey appointed partner.

He stayed at firm until 1921, an amazing 67 years later!

Charles Peachey appointed partner.
The Williamsons bought the practice.

The practice is sold and moved to Arundel House, Arundel Street.

The firm moved to Aldwych.

In October 1996, the firm moved a mere 100 yards to the Aldwych. Just within sight of the old office on Arundel Street.

Joined JCA International.

We were the 7th member to join JCA International, a network of European business lawyers. Today, there are JCA lawyers in 23 countries across Europe and beyond.

Peachey & Co becomes an LLP.

After 212 years in practice, the partnership converted to an LLP.